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When Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

Clean air, an efficient furnace and lower energy consumption.

A simple task like changing your furnace filter can make the biggest difference in terms of clean air quality in your home or business as well as prolonging the life of your furnace or HVAC unit.

How often should I change my furnace filter?

The obvious answer as to when you should replace your furnace filter is “when it’s dirty”. But often, furnace filter replacement gets overlooked or neglected. Ideally, fibreglass based filters should be replaced every couple of months and paper based filters every four to six months. Another option are electrostatically charged filters which can be cleaned and reused.

Again, the recommended intervals are merely suggestions and a visual inspection of a filter will let you know immediately if it’s due to be changed or cleaned. If you have pets or live in a particularly dusty area (like on a gravel road), you may find that you need to change your filter more often.

Can I clean my furnace filter?

Only reusable electrostatic types of furnace filters are designed to be cleaned with water, dried and reused. Regular fibreglass and paper filters are single use items and should be disposed of when dirty.

What are the best furnace filters to buy?

Fibreglass furnace filters are the least expensive, but don’t offer the level of filtration that a paper pleated style of filter can. While more expensive, the paper pleated filters offer additional levels of filtration. Electrostatic filters tend to be the best at filtering out small particles, even smoke. These filters can last several years if properly maintained.

Remember that a clean furnace filter means a healthier home and can save you money with a more efficiently operating furnace.