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Are On Demand Water Heaters Maintenance Free?

Modern hot water on demand (tankless) systems have been designed for consistent operation with minimal maintenance, but do have a filter that should be checked and cleaned every six months. Consult your system’s owners manual for details on how to remove, inspect or replace the filter.

Much like a furnace, you should also have your hot water on demand system serviced annually. If your system does not include a water softener, the on demand system should be flushed (otherwise known as descaling) annually. If you have a softener system, you can go two years before flushing the system. Your manual should provide instructions on how to properly descale the system and the materials you will need to perform the operation. 

It is important to follow all the safety information as your system contains hot water under pressure and is also connected to either natural gas or electricity to run the heating elements. At Pro North Heating, we provide hot water on demand installation services and can also perform the annual maintenance required.