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When Should My Osmosis Water Filter Be Changed?

If your home water supply system has an under counter reverse osmosis filtration system, it requires regular filter changes to keep that fresh water flowing. But how do you know when to change the filter? Most manufacturers recommend changing the filter at least annually, but experience with water in our region has shown that these filters should be changed more often. How often? Every 3-6 months depending on your own unique situation. Basically, if your water starts to taste funny or have a strange odour, it’s time to replace the filter.

Your reverse osmosis water filter system will also include a membrane that requires replacement every one to two years. A simple test with a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter can help determine if the membrane is failing and needs to be changed.

If you have any questions about your reverse osmosis water filtration system or are interested in having one installed, please contact us today for further information and a free estimate