garage heater

Maintain That Garage Heater!

There are a number of options when it comes to garage heating, but two of the most common are forced air heaters and radiant tube heaters.

Electric forced air heaters require the least maintenance. Blow the dust out every once in awhile and you’re done. The dirtier your garage is, the more often you should clean the unit. Maybe check the mounting bolts. Things that vibrate tend to loosen up nuts and bolts.

Natural gas garage heaters should be serviced every couple of years. Again, this is to get rid of any dust and buildup but also allows for an inspection of the heat exchanger, gas lines and venting. Likewise, gas fired radiant tube heaters should have their air inlets and outlets inspected for obstructions and the tubes should be inspected for tight fit and for any cracks. Cracks in heat exchangers and radiant tubes could result in carbon monoxide leaking into the garage space.

If you need your garage heater serviced, or if you are considering adding heat to your existing garage or workshop contact Pro North Heating today!