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On Demand Tankless Water Heater vs. Storage Hot Water Heater

The Debate Heats Up!

Storage hot water heaters are the long-standing, traditional method for getting hot water to your taps. In recent years, tankless water heaters (commonly referred to was “hot water on demand”) have gained popularity due to their higher efficiency operation and potential money saving.

Which hot water heater is best for you?

There is really no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing tankless over a storage tank hot water heater. The decision ultimately depends on your family, your lifestyle and your budget.

Storage water heaters, on average, cost less than their tankless counterparts. Electric versions of both cost less than natural gas versions. Depending on your region, the cost of natural gas vs. electricity is also a determining factor. While natural gas hot water heaters may not be any more efficient than an electric version, if natural gas consumption costs are less than electricity, that’s where the real savings are made.

Lifestyle also makes a difference. A storage hot water heater must maintain the temperature of a large volume of water throughout the day, whereas tankless only operates as needed. If you don’t use much hot water daily, tankless might be a better option. Not that tankless doesn’t work in a busy household that consumes a lot of hot water, but if you don’t use much….there’s no need to keep a hot water storage tank running all day!

One other thing to consider is what happens when the power goes out, or there is a temporary interruption in natural gas supply? With a storage hot water tank you’ll have access to “warm” water until the tank cools. With a tankless system, you have no hot water until the electricity comes back on or the gas starts flowing again.

And another thing to consider….do you hate running out of hot water filling that large soaker tub? Tankless might be the option for you!

There are many makes and models of both tankless and storage hot water systems and consulting with a knowledgeable plumber can ensure you are getting the best option, sized correctly for your home and lifestyle.